[mythtv] MythArchive has been added to svn - Please test

Ronald Pijnacker pijnacker at dse.nl
Fri May 5 10:22:26 UTC 2006

> I've just added to svn the first release of MythArchive which is a new 
> plugin for myth that allow you create DVD's from your myth recordings.
> Its still a work in progress but is at a stage where I would like people 
> to test it so I can get some feed back on what works and what doesn't. 
> At the moment its in svn as a separate module but eventually when its 
> had more testing and is more complete it will probably be moved in with 
> the other plugins. Its based on the old MythBurn scripts but has been 
> rewritten to reduce the number of dependencies and to hopefully make it 
> easier to install.
> I've created a  wiki page giving more details of what MythArchive can do 
> and how to install it.
> http://www.mythtv.org/wiki/index.php/MythArchive
> Paul H.

Hi Paul,

Do I have to use the svn version of MythTV for this, our should it also
work against 0.19-fixes?

I saw that there was a MythArchive in the cvs repository aswell, is this
the same thing? Could I check that out instead?



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