[mythtv] Plugin developing howto

florin baiduc florinbaiduc at gmail.com
Fri May 5 03:03:56 UTC 2006

> Err, you could start a thread whenever.  A plugin doesn't block the frontend
> any differently than any other part of myth.
> There's absolutely no need for a separate worker process.  It's just one way
> of doing things - when you'd want something to continue working if the entire
> frontend was exited, for instance.
> Isaac

Agree, as I said, I could freely load any other plugin on top of a
running one. I can start for ex mythphone on top of mythmusic and
after closing the phone the mythmusic runs and can be controlled with
no problems. I am thinking to make a callback and register it, and
whenewer mythmusic is running if some other plugin tried to access the
soundcard it either stops (or better pauses mythmusic), or turns the
volume down and mixes the two sound sources or pops out a menu...
The question still stays.. Mythmusic doesn't need to be sepparated,
but can I call a refresh for the layers underneath (the main menu
layer) by using tcp? It there any other possibility?

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