[mythtv] Plugin developing howto

florin baiduc florinbaiduc at gmail.com
Fri May 5 01:35:22 UTC 2006

some time ago I saw on the mythtv's page a howto about how to develop
plugins. It explained the usage of the config, init, run functions,
and other things...
Can somebody show me the link to that article (I really searched it,
but I can't find it anymore)...
I was to change a plugin's interface for to allow proper
"multitasking" - meaning that I should be able to exit a plugin
(mythmusic for example) and still have it working and accessible in
the background. For ther moment I can have the mythmusic running in
the background and so something which doesn't require /dev/dsp access,
but not much more.

Another question would be "How to refres the non-top layer toghether
with the top layer?"


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