[mythtv] Having problem with qmake under setup/

Mark Paulus mark.paulus at verizonbusiness.com
Thu May 4 17:07:20 UTC 2006

Hi all,

I am having a wierdness with qmake under setup, and was wondering if 
anyone could shed any light.

I have successfully built the 0.18-1 release, and when I do so, the 
Makefile generated in setup is using nice paths like $(INSTALL_ROOT)/foo/bar
install_target: all
         @$(CHK_DIR_EXISTS) "$(INSTALL_ROOT)/usr/bin/" || $(MKDIR) 
         -$(INSTALL_FILE) "$(QMAKE_TARGET)" 
         -strip "$(INSTALL_ROOT)/usr/bin/$(QMAKE_TARGET)"


when I try to build the 0.19 stuff, qmake in the setup directory is 
throwing in a bunch of relative parents, and I think it's really 
throwing my build process off:

install_target: all
         @$(CHK_DIR_EXISTS) "$(INSTALL_ROOT)../../../../../bin/" || 
$(MKDIR) "$(INSTALL_ROOT)../../../../../bin/"
         -$(INSTALL_FILE) "$(QMAKE_TARGET)" 

all those ../../../../.. are hosing things up, and I can't quite figure 
out where they are coming from.

When I run qmake under -d -d -d, I get stuff like this:

DEBUG 3: Fixed /usr/include :: to :: ../../../../../include (6) 

but no justification.

If anyone has some pointers on what I could look for, I would be very 


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