[mythtv] mythlcdserver - api documentation? how does it work?

Ben Lancaster benlanc at ster.me.uk
Thu May 4 15:09:28 UTC 2006

Hey all,

I'm considering writing a front end for mplayer/xine to 'report back'  
to mythlcdserver information about the file playing, as this is my  
biggest bugbear with both mplayer and xine at present.

So, does anyone know a good starting point with mythlcdserver and  
mplayer/xine frontends? I have a little C and Perl knowledge, but  
plenty with Perl and high-end PHP, so I'm hoping I've got a good base  
to build upon.

 From what I've read, its a case of interacting with xine and mplayer  
in the same way that their respective GUIs/front ends work. Can  
anyone shed any light on this?

So yeh, MythTV's a great project, and its about time I gave something  
back I feel!


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