[mythtv] mythweb not showing HD beside program in SVN trunk?

Joe Votour joevph at yahoo.com
Thu May 4 04:16:11 UTC 2006

--- Steve Malenfant <smalenfant at gmail.com> wrote:

> I've upgraded my mythtv to SVN (but can't go back
> anymore) and I
> notice that by the days goes by, there is no more HD
> beside my HD
> programming anymore.  Only the series seems to carry
> it but not the HD
> movies.  For example, "School or Rock" is playing in
> HD on FOX this
> friday.  It was showing as "HD" before I upgraded
> and now there is no
> "HD" beside it anymore.
> I checked in trac, but seems like it wasn't
> reported.  Anybody seen
> this lately in SVN trunk?
> Steve M.
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The HD flag seems to be hit or miss, but that could
also be that FOX is messing things up.

Here in the Bay Area, "The War At Home" was shown in
the listings as HD, but FOX broadcast it in regular
SD.  24 was listed as not being HD, but was in HD.

The HD flag is in the "program" database in the "hdtv"
 field, and appears to be a 0 or 1 value.  A quick
grep seems to show that this comes from the program
guide listings (i.e. DataDirect).  It wouldn't
surprise me if DataDirect is making last minute
changes to the listings.

-- Joe

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