[mythtv] mythfilldatabase, "normal" lineups, and freqid

Anduin Withers awithers at anduin.com
Thu May 4 00:03:55 UTC 2006

I've seen a few people report channel issues with the Data Direct stuff
(most recently Chris Petersen). I did some minimal digging and found that if
<fccChannelNumber> is set in <station> it is used for the freqid, which
makes sense until it doesn't.

In the non-over-the-air case fccChannelNumber and channel may have no
relation (unlike the data in gold_sample.xml).

Can someone more familiar with the DD stuff and the non-cable stuff look at
this? Failing that I'll create a ticket with an attempted patch and wait for
people to report that it works.

In my patch I'd be somewhat tempted to just make freqid = channum unless
channelMinor had a value (this would work for my lineups, even if I added
the local broadcast one). Or maybe just do it for lineups of type
!'LocalBroadcast'. What else that may break I don't know.

Sample data:

<station id='10345'>
<affiliate>UPN Affiliate</affiliate>

<map station='10345' channel='12'/>

In this case you get a channel table entry like this:

chanid      channum      freqid   ...
1012        12           44       ...

For my lineup this make UPN=VH1, and while it is easy to argue I've lost
nothing in that conversion, some of the other 14 in my lineup would be more

Anduin Withers

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