[mythtv] Internal DVD Player multichannel support

Ed W lists at wildgooses.com
Wed May 3 20:42:34 UTC 2006

>sorry didnt realize the procedure. dont want everything committed yet but 
>like Ed said, the soundtouch changes Im very happy with.
>So will do so with the expectation it will be assigned back afterward.

OK, well to be objective:

Mark, would you mind breaking out the soundtouch stuff as a seperate 
patch and commited then?  This makes the rest of the patch quite easy to 
read I think.  Have you considered sending that bit upstream as well?

What do you feel that we need to do on the rest of the code in order to 
get it good for committing?  Is there some way we can get it 
structurally in for the commit without solving the entire problem of 
handling arbitrary numbers of channels (and all that complexity)?

I think you have a very promising addition here. 


Ed W

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