[mythtv] Better xmltv integration with 0.5.43

Mattias Holmlund mattias.holmlund at gmail.com
Wed May 3 18:34:57 UTC 2006

Hi everyone,

I just wanted to tell you all that we have released version 0.5.43 of
xmltv. In this release, we have worked hard to make the grabbers
behave in a consistent manner. The main goal has been to make it
possible for any applications that utilizes grabbers to treat all
grabbers in exactly the same way.

To make sure that all grabbers do what they are supposed to, we have
started to perform automated testing of all grabbers. This includes
testing against the xmltv dtd as well as making sure that the grabbers
implement and respect the proper command-line options.

We have also added a mechanism to let applications discover
automatically which grabbers are available, so the application should
not have to maintain a list of all available grabbers and how they
need to be called. The discovery is done with the new command

The new recommended way of using grabbers and tv_find_grabbers is documented at

If there is any particular grabber that you still need to treat
different from the other grabbers in order to get useful data from it,
please file a bug with the xmltv-project instead of adjusting your own
code to please the grabber. Because if MythTV needs to use a
workaround for a particular grabber, then all other applications that
use xmltv probably have to do the same, so it is better to fix the
grabber directly.

The result of the nightly test of all grabbers can be seen at

You can download version 0.5.43 of xmltv at

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to ask them here or
(preferably) on the xmltv-devel mailing list.


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