[mythtv] New Method for Commercial Detection.

Lucas Meijer lucas at mach8.nl
Tue May 2 08:42:12 UTC 2006

Hey Robert,
> MythTV seems like the perfect platform for me to build upon, both saving 
> me time, and giving something back to the open source community. Whilst 
> I am not a student, I noticed you are looking for people to develop the 
> commercial detection aspect of MythTV for the Google Summer of Code.
> Is this something you guys would be interested in having me work on? 
> Please get back to me with any thoughts.
I think most people will be happy if a new commercial detection method  
gets written that works
better (for at least some folks) than what we have now. I reorganized 
the commercial detection code
a while ago so that it is easy to add new commercial detection 
techniques, while leaving the current
code in place, so as long as your stuff works better for some people, I 
see no reason why it would
not get accepted as a non-default detection alternative..

as for code, if you want to do things solely on audio fingerprinting, 
make a new class that enherits
from CommDetectorBase. (You can check ClassicCommDetector as an 
example). If you want
to mix with your audio fingerprinting and the existing technique, you 
might want to adapt / subclass
the ClassicCommDetector itself.

I'm wondering what you have touched upon that makes you think keeping an 
up to date list of commercial
keys is not going to be a big problem though.

Good luck, Lucas

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