[mythtv] MythSocket class

Jim Westfall jwestfall at surrealistic.net
Tue May 2 02:59:47 UTC 2006

Jim Westfall <jwestfall at surrealistic.net> wrote [04.19.06]:
> I wasnt able to reproduce the slave backend issue in testing.  I have an 
> updated patch I will try and get submitted this weekend.  It addresses 
> the backend worker thread hack and expands the conversion to include 
> mythcontext and a few other classes that use QSocket[Device].

Here is the updated version.

I ended up stripping out QSocketNotifier and replaced it with an internal 
thread to monitor the socket.  The thread will only be started if 
callbacks are setup.  I setup the callbacks to be similar to how daniel 
did them with streamlisteners.  It should be possible to ditch qobject 
once something is done with the background connect() code.

On the backend I removed all the worker thread code and am letting the 
MythSocket thread handle processing the requests via the readyRead 
callback.  There are still a few things that need to be worked out.  Each 
new thread costs 7-10megs of memory and there is a 30 second delay when 
deleting playback objects.  This can lead to large memory usage if someone 
is triggering alot of file transfers (ie xfering png images, while 
browsing recorded list).  There is also no limit on the number of threads 
that can concurrently be processing requests, this was mostly limited to 
5 before with the worker threads.

Also a small patch for mythdvd since it was using mythcontext.h to get its 
qsocket.h include.


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