[mythtv] Recording/scheduling thread dying?

Graeme Hilton graeme.hilton at fishter.org.uk
Mon May 1 18:25:59 UTC 2006

Graeme Hilton wrote:
> Otto Kolsi wrote:
>> Dave Just wrote:
>>> Has anyone else noticed their backend stopping recording scheduled  
>>> programs after running for a while?  Also failing to respond to  
>>> changes in the schedule, so e.g. setting a program to record does not  
>>> highlight it in the guide or enter into the list of scheduled  
>>> programs seen by the frontend.  Restarting mythbackend resumes normal  
>>> behaviour, starting recording properly and displaying schedule  
>>> changes.  Anyone any ideas?
>>> I'm seeing this in svn 9799, but this has been happening in head  
>>> versions for about two weeks.
>> I just today had exactly same problems for the first time, with SVN 9797.
> I'm running SVN 9775 with two DVB-T cards, using EIT data for scheduling.
> In the "Upcoming Recordings" screen a program (Dr Who, on BBC Three) is
> highlighted in green, and started 10 minutes ago.  There are no
> conflicting recordings.  It is not listed in "Watch Recordings".
> Entering the recording schedule and pressing Reactivate does nothing.
> The only cure I've found so far is to kill and restart the backend.
> I attach a log of this evenings hiccup it was run with "-v
> recording,schedule,general,important", although I have just read the "-v
> help" and realised that the important option will remove the useful
> stuff.... ho hum... I'll run again without this and post again.

Ok, so between my last post and this one, I've wiped and rescanned my
channels in an effort to get all my available channels.

Unfortunately this didn't solve the recordings not recording problem.

I attach a log with "Enabled verbose msgs:  important general eit record
schedule".  It's rather long, and full of EIT scans, but the notable
points are that all activity stops at 18:00, during an expire of some
LiveTV recordings.  I was probably using MythMusic at that particular
time.  At around 19:00 I stopped MythMusic and went into the "Upcoming
Recordings" screen and noticed that the 19:00 Channel Four News was not
recording at 19:03.  Restarting the backend started the recording.

Previously I've noticed that it is possible to browse the Program Guide,
but selecting a currently airing program and pressing R, or selecting
any type of schedule, does not result in the program starting to record.
 If the backend is restarted these changes become active.

It looks like there is a problem in the record code, but as it's not
apparent in the log I don't know what it could be.

I'll rerun with -v all as there isn't a lot of information in this log.
 Would a gdb trace be useful at the point where I notice it's gone
pear-shaped, or is it likely to not contain the required information?

Graeme Hilton

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