[mythtv] Internal DVD Player multichannel support

Ed W lists at wildgooses.com
Mon May 1 17:42:02 UTC 2006


>this is what it does.

Aha, wasn't obvious that it did that just by eyeballing the patch - I 
could just see the AC3 stuff and misunderstood - sorry

So what's the big barrier to getting some of this committed?  Most of it 
looked quite reasonable just eyeballing the patch?

>you can do this too. I was just supporting what people wanted. works fine.
>AC3 reencoding is in audiobase only. however I needed to pass some info 
>between the layers.
>this is part of my rethink but it is necessary in some way. Ideally the 
>audio layer should control the decode parameters instead of being pushed 
>from decoder to audio layer. its a bit nasty.
>no point reencoding if its already AC3 and no timestretch is being used. 
>just wastes CPU. and it does use a fair bit.

I guess the issue is probably that the decoder is setup before 
initialising the audio?  If we initialised the audio first then we could 
request a certain number of channels, have it fail and tell us how many 
it's really got and then fall back to using that?  This wouldn't catch 
the case of someone with a multichannel card and only two speakers 
hooked up, but it would help for the two channel card or spdif setup?

Seems really promising anyway!  What can I do to help some or all of 
this get committed?!

Ed W

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