[mythtv] Strange behaviour in QT's QValueVector

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Subject: Re: [mythtv] Strange behaviour in QT's QValueVector

That's one ideea, thanks for it. But still, I am wondering why do I
get this error (while using values instead of pointers), and what
could cause it?
I don't use this class much so I can't be sure. But iirc QValueVector stores everything by value... Hence when you push back some object (e.g. a QWidget or something).. It actually stores a copy of the object (or whatever), not a reference to the actual object itself. Hence you can modify one but not affect the other.. If that's what you want..

I don't have access to the mythtv source atm, what is newbutton declared as (ThemeButton pointer or object?), and how do you declare buttonList?  
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