[mythtv] general thread debugging question

Jack Perveiler perveilerj at yahoo.com
Fri Mar 17 15:27:21 UTC 2006

So I'm trying to track down what I think is a race in opening/closing avcodecs.
 Visual inspection of the code looks pretty good to me so now I need to start
some heavier debugging.

Ordinarily I'd use gdb but I'm afraid the debugger's intrusion would cause the
timing to change and the race to behave differently.  What I'd like to do is
dump a backtrace inside avcodec_open() and avcodec_close() so I can at least
see which threads are competing and take it from there.

I know glibc has bactrace() functions, but myth doesn't link in glibc.  Is
there a way to do print a backtrace without gdb and without glibc's backtrace()
functions?  If not I can just hack up my area to use glibc but I thought I'd
check for a less intrusive possibility first.


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