[mythtv] MP3ACt as Replacment for the currentMusicpart ofMythweb...

joggl jochen.kuehner at gmx.de
Wed Mar 15 20:16:21 UTC 2006

what would be a selection in the mythweb settings if the ajax tuned system 
should be used...
i'm looking formward to change the frontend to work with the new table 
style, and after that i'm looking so that the old mythweb music also works.
so after that you can make a setting, use ajax stuff or so.

i also thougt of doing this in mfd, but firstly i'm working on the normal 
mythmusic plugin. after that, maxbe when i've time i'm looking forward to 
integrate it in mfd.
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> On 3/15/06, joggl <jochen.kuehner at gmx.de> wrote:
>> Now my Example page works...
>> http://jogibear9988.dyndns.org:2080/mythtest/
>> if stripped mp3act, so that unneeded parts are removed.
>> download and streaming doesn't wok, because the songs in the database
>> doesn't exist on my harddrive...
>> but you can look, how it would look like...
>> now i'm working on the frontend plugin...
>> maybe all will be released in 2 weeks... when i have time...  or maybe 
>> not
> perhaps the mfe would be better->because of streaming features

I will not allow an ajax-only application as part of mythweb.  I don't
mind including ajax goodies (and in fact, want to), but it should be
provided as an add-on feature set, not a requirement -- the core
application needs to be able to function without it.

There are people working on new code for the music portion of mythweb -- 
hopefully it will become a framework for people to add new/better stuff
to it.

> btw: isn't mfd/mfe not deleloped further by thor?

Thor took a break.  I don't know if he's stopped completely, though.

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