[mythtv] [mythtv-commits] Ticket #1319: scheduler is sometimes recording wrong program

henri henri at qais.com
Wed Mar 8 01:43:42 UTC 2006

On 07 Mar 2006, Bruce Markey <bjm at lvcm.com> wrote: 

> henri wrote:
> ...
> > my guess is that the schedule is changing but the data in recordmatch
> > isn't getting cleared? that would be the only explanation that makes
> More likely it was getting the same, or different, incorrect result
> each time (how did it get an incorrect row in the first place?).
> Could have been a broken index or something.
> > i'll keep a manual eye out for the 2 rules that are causing me
> > problems (one on cartoon network, the other on comedy central). if it
> > happens again hopefully i'll have more data (program entries from each
> > day and recordmatch entries from each day)
> If it does happen again, try:
> SELECT chanid,starttime,title FROM program WHERE title='Foobar';
> as a quick first check. If it returns a different title than the
> WHERE clause then the DB is bad. If this result is correct but
> the timestamps in recordmatch are different, it's probably still
> a bad DB but you'll have narrowed down where to look for the cause.

i'm assuming that doing a grep for:

grep "DELETE FROM recordmatch WHERE recordid = -1" /var/log/mythbackend.log

should correctly show when that is being called with recordid = -1

should Scheduler::UpdateMatches(-1) be called after each
mythfilldatabase run? 

my logs only show it being called when i run 

mythbackend --resched 

or do something else manually, and not on a daily basis after
mythfilldatabase is run (from a cron job, not via mythfrontend)


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