[mythtv] mysql-related Question for a contrib-Script

Peter Kornhuld Webmaaschter at gmx.de
Mon Mar 6 13:18:38 UTC 2006


we wrote a skript for contrib (attached). It's aim is to merge the 
informations from Mythtv-Database to an file and adjusts the Database to 
point to the new file. The output is an Matroska-file. It works fine but has 
one last Problem.

I'll make an example:
If the title from IMDB/OFDB has chars like ü in Grasgeflüster an
"SELECT title FROM videometadata WHERE filename LIKE '%Grasge%'"
gives me: GrasgeflÃŒster
So the script renames the File to GrasgeflÃŒster.mkv not to Grasgeflüster.mkv 
and the update of the Database to Point to the new File doesn't work.

Long Story short: 
We search a way to do the mysql-query so that it results in Grasgeflüster not 
in GrasgeflÃŒster. (Or another way to solve this problem). Please give us a 

We are absolutely no mysql-Guru and we did our best to find the solution 
ourself.. but we did'nt know where to look.

Thanks for your help
 Peter Kornhuld
 Christoph Holzbaur

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