[mythtv] Ticket #1956: bignum LCD support

Paul Harrison mythtv at dsl.pipex.com
Tue Jun 27 15:09:57 UTC 2006

Robin Gilks wrote:
>> #1956: bignum LCD support
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>>  Reporter:  g8ecj at gilks.org  |        Owner:  paulh
>>      Type:  enhancement      |       Status:  new
>>  Priority:  minor            |    Milestone:  0.20
>> Component:  mythtv           |      Version:  head
>>  Severity:  medium           |   Resolution:
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>> Comment (by paulh):
>>  Robin, I just tried this and it didn't work properly for me. Looks like
>>  the custom driver I'm using doesn't support bignum's. I turned the
>>  'Display Large Clock' setting off but the lcd continued to display
>> garbage
>>  :-(
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>> MythTV
> Sounds like the user defined character set gets tromped on even if bignum
> support is missing. I'll change the patch to make the bignum widget
> initialisation dependant on the lcd_bigclock boolean.
> I'm not sure if having changed the bigclock setting bool causes the
> lcdserver to re-init itself. By any chance does restarting the server with
> the bool off allow the existing (non-bigclock) stuff to run OK?
> BTW - on my HD47780 display, I had to integrate the new adv_bignum.c stuff
> into the driver to get a 2 line bignum display (the existing stuff in
> 0.5.0 is for 4 line displays only). Works really well! I've got the patch
> here is you're interested or you'll find it on the lcdproc list.
Robin, I've just committed a slightly modified version of your patch to 
svn, thanks it looks pretty cool :-). Can you please give it a try to 
make sure I didn't break any thing.

The only changes I made where to fix the issue when changing the 'Big 
Clock' setting didn't do anything until mythlcdserver was restarted and 
gave the colon a bit of extra space around it. Most of the other changes 
are just cosmetic.

My development box has a 4 line display but my production box has a 2 
line Samsung VFD based on the hd47780 so I would be interested in your 
patch to lcdproc. Could you email it to me thanks. I probably wont be 
touching it until after the world cup though :-)

Paul H.

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