[mythtv] Problem building SVN

David R david at unsolicited.net
Fri Jun 23 20:09:44 UTC 2006

Daniel Kristjansson wrote:
> Hmm, I've only seen this type of error when I used the same source
> directory on two different binary platforms without doing a distclean
> on the last compiled platform.

This always happens when building any Myth version on a system that has an
(earlier) version installed (shared objects present in /usr/lib). This is
because the make files all have the following on the link line

LIBS     -L../../libs/libmythtv -L../../libs/libavutil -L../../libs/libavcodec
-L../../libs/libavformat -L../../libs/libmythfreemheg -L../../libs/libmythui
-L../../libs/libmythupnp -L../../libs/libmythlivemedia -lmythtv-0.19
-lmythavformat-0.19 -lmythavutil-0.19 -lmythavcodec-0.19 -lmythfreemheg-0.19
-lmythupnp-0.19 -lmythlivemedia-0.19 -lmyth-0.19 -lmythui-0.19 -lfreetype
-lmp3lame -lasound -L/usr/lib/ -L/usr/X11R6/lib/ -lXinerama -lXv -lXxf86vm
-lXrandr -lqt-mt -lGLU -lGL -lXmu -lXext -lX11 -lm -lpthread

Note that there is a -L/usr/lib/ early on, causing the installed libs to be
linked first. I simply remove this from all the makefiles, and the make
continues normally.


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