[mythtv] Frontend crash, LiveTV hangs....

Matthias Thyroff Matthias at thyroff.net
Mon Jun 19 10:30:02 UTC 2006

Am Montag, 19. Juni 2006 08:33 schrieb Jochen Kühner:
> I have a frontend PC wich somtimes crashes. (I think this is not a MythTV
> related Problem, because he also crashes sometimes in other Software). But
> when the PC crashes while i'm watching LiveTV, when I enter mythtv again,
> it sais, that all aviable tuners are used (because i have only one).
> Is there no way, so that we can check from within Myth if the connected
> frontend wich has requested livetv is stille alive and in the livetv menu??
> maybe we do a request every second from the backend to the frontend if the
> frontend is still in livetv menu, and if not or we get no answer within 2
> secons, we cancel the recording....
> Only an idea....
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I have the same problem (crashes, which I hope to fix, and power losses, which 
I have to live with), and I support the request!

If a frontend requests live tv, and a channel is occupied recording live tv 
from exactly the same frontend, can't we allow it to reconnect to the ongoing 
recording? That way, we even could jump back and see what we missed while we 
rebooted, and could still press "R" to keep a record of the complete program. 

I have seen requests for comments on how to make myth more 
mainstream-compatible; this would be a worthwile step. 

Thanks to all the developers for this great product!


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