[mythtv] Getting started with real-time commercial detection

Robert S. Grimes rsg at alum.mit.edu
Fri Jun 16 13:51:18 UTC 2006

Hi all,

Just getting started, so I'm only asking for simple guidance.  I love
watching TV in time-shift mode!  The worst thing is when I catch up to real
time, or end up watching in real time, and I have to hear the loud
commercials!  My first goal is to watch TV with commercial detection
running, such that when a commercial begins, MythTV simply cranks the volume
down; later, maybe I'll want to do something like play music, or show some
photographs or home video.  What I'm thinking is that when a commercial is
detected, and event gets sent to my code that I can use to crank the volume
down.  So here are a few questions to help me get started down the right

1. Where - where does my code go?  Am I best off creating a plug-in?
2. How - how do I get started writing a plug-in (if that's the best
approach)?  Is there an example?

I've poked around a bit, and found the Doxygen documentation, and the Trac
system, but no primer on getting started.  I'll jump in anyway, but any
assistance will be appreciated!


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