[mythtv] SoC 2006: Configuration Revamp Information

Martin Ebourne lists at ebourne.me.uk
Sat Jun 3 01:28:28 UTC 2006

A few comments below; I've skipped the options which have already been
well discussed.

On Fri, 02 Jun 2006 14:36:45 -0400, Justin M. Hunt wrote:
> Aggressive sound card buffering: Never had any problems using it, and
> more buffering is never a bad idea

Can't figure out if you want this on or off. From the description, on is
smaller buffers, off is bigger buffer. It also says on can cause playback
problems. I have this switched off at the moment, though I'm sure I've had
it on before, can't remember why I turned it off. I've just set it back on
again to see if anything breaks.

> Display genre colors: J. Donavan Stanley's recommendation

I have this switched off. I find the program guide is very confusing to
look at with all those colours. There's so many of them I'll never figure
out what they all are, and I'm not all that interested in them anyway.
Furthermore the UK DVB guide doesn't seem to map all that well onto them.

> Display genre text: J. Donavan Stanley's recommendation

I do have this on (another reason for the colours being an unnecessary

> Channels to display: causes problems when changed
> Time blocks to display: causes problems when changed

As someone else said, I've changed these (to be better on widescreen) and
nothing's broken.

> Default group filter to apply: default change to remember recording
> group, J. Donavan Stanley's recommendation

I prefer to have a default every time rather than it remember the last
one, although I'm not all that concerned about it.

> Save current group filter when changed: J. Donavan Stanley's recommendation

Maybe this option could be merged with the previous one - a setting of
'Remember last' say.

> Sticky keys: enable, J. Donavan Stanley's recommendation

No, please don't do that, that's horrid. Holding down the fast forward key
is more intuitive, and being able to press it 5 times is great for
skipping ads. Also as the help text says, the alternate fast fwd/rewind
keys always behave that way, so if you want that you can already get it by
mapping your remote appropriately.

> Reverse direction in fast forward / rewind: J. Donavan Stanley's
> recommendation

If I did use sticky keys I think I'd prefer that off, but I don't so I'll
keep out of that one. :)

> All the other settings will still be available in the future, although
> they will be moved, and categorized more logically.

That is a very worthwhile task for sure.

While you're at it, it would be nice if the appearance settings didn't
drop back to the main menu every time you use it.

> My appologies if this is not properly formatted on your email client.

No problem, but if you format it to 80 columns to start with it'll always
display fine for everyone.



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