[mythtv] MythArchive testing report

Robert S. Kerr rskerr at dsbox.com
Fri Jun 2 18:12:39 UTC 2006

Paul H wrote:
 > Thats odd. I've done most of my testing with files recorded with a
 > PVR-350 card and never had sync problems with files from that card and
 > I've heard from people who claim to have burned 100+ files to DVD with
 > no mention of any sync issues. DVB files on the other hand present all
 > sorts of problems :(
 > Its worth running the files through mythtranscode in any case. You will
 > probably have to force the script to alway run the files though
 > mythtranscode by setting the 'alwaysRunMythtranscode' setting to 'True'
 > at the top of the mythburn.py script.
 > I did fix some stuff with the MythCenter main menu recently maybe that's
 > it. I do most of my testing using xine so I don't have to waste time
 > waiting for the DVD to burn but have also used an aging Panasonic player
 > for testing.
 > De-selecting files in both the Select Recordings and Select Video has
 > been fixed recently and now works as it should.
 > Paul H.

I think we've achieved success:

An update to the latest SVN corrected the episode selection issue where 
eps wouldn't go away.  I think it also cleared up the ordering problem I 
was having (I've only done one DVD, but it was right). 

Setting the transcode flag to TRUE did indeed fix my sync issues.  So it 
would seem that my original MPEG must have been broken in some way. 

Any thoughts if the transcode flag will be an option over in the 
settings menu at some point? 
Or perhaps it would be possible for the script to determine if the 
original file had hosed up PTS values and for it to run transcode 

I haven't actually burned the DVD to disk yet, so I haven't checked the 
front menu and selections yet.


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