[mythtv] CRCIpNetworkRecorder questions

Mironov M.S. mikemiron at tochka.ru
Mon Jul 31 18:22:41 UTC 2006

Robert Johnston wrote:
> As do I.
> And it'd then be a "Trivial" matter to create a SAP/SDP listener to
> auto-populate the channel tables (In a similar way that the EIT
> scanner does with EPG information) and have a full(ish) IPTV reciever
> system going.

   In my system i don't receive any data on
That mean what my provider not support SAP/SDP. So i may set it only by
hands and I can't use/add this functional.

> I guess the next question would would happen with multiple "cards". Do
> they all have independant "channel lists"? If so, could you have one
> "Card" listening on one interface, and one on another (Say card 0 on
> eth0, card 1 on eth1, card 2 on wlan0 for example)? And what about
> sharing channel lists for people who DO have the bandwidth to record
> more than one stream?

In current realization of CRCIpNetworkRecorder no way say on which
interface we listen. It is limitation of libavformat URL (no parameter
for than binding). I think this functional may be realize by setup
routing on host. If your have bandwidth limit to receive 3 channel
simultaneously create 3 card. Channel list for card is depend on input
connections and video source.

> Then all we'd need is RTP/RTCP for Video-On-Demand and we'd be all set. :)

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