[mythtv] Firewire channel changing

Allan Wilson allanwilson at gmail.com
Wed Jul 26 19:46:04 UTC 2006

On 7/26/06, John P Poet <jppoet at gmail.com> wrote:
> I have firewire working more than less with a SA3250HD cable box.  In
> general capturing video works well.  Channel changing via firewire
> works most of the time, but fails occasionally.
> When I first started playing with this firewire setup, I tried live tv
> for a bit.  It did not take long for the firewire port to get very
> confused.  If I avoid live tv, the firewire is much more reliable.
> I believe I am seeing a pattern where channel changing via firewire
> works well as long as it does not need to record two shows
> back-to-back.  I am starting to wonder if the channel change is
> unreliable if the firewire port is already open and streaming video.
> Does Myth's firewire recorder close down the port before calling the
> external channel changer?  If not, I believe doing so would make the
> system more reliable.
> This is all conjecture, as I am still very new to this firewire stuff.
> John
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I don't use live TV much I record shows over firewire back to back on
different channels all the time and I haven't ran in to this problem. I did
have to make some slight modifications to the sa3250ch.c program to get it
to work on my box but nothing to do with changing channel. I'll try with
LiveTV tonight and I will post back if I notice any problems. Where you
using channel up/down, manually entering channel, or using the guide?

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