[mythtv] Transcode segfaults on a particular DVB-T recording

Darryl Merritt mythtv at djm.dbme.net.au
Wed Jul 26 10:37:10 UTC 2006


I have a DVB-T recording from last weekend that the mythtranscode segfaults on everytime around then 
17 minute mark of a 1 hour show.

Its the only one that has failed to transcode properly before, or since. It was recorded with SVN 10600.

I have since upgraded to SVN 10624 and it still fails to transcode this file.

Would any of the devs like to have a look at the file (3Gb though), or shall I just call it a 
one-off anomoly and forget about it ?

If you can suggest a way to reduce the size size without compromising the 'problem' with it, I'll 
try and cut it back to 30 minutes.


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