[mythtv] Ticket #2087: Clean up NTSC cable frequency tables

Michael T. Dean mtdean at thirdcontact.com
Tue Jul 25 05:22:35 UTC 2006

On 07/24/06 17:51, MythTV wrote:

>#2087: Clean up NTSC cable frequency tables
> Changing to a task. The digital tables should be fixed as well and there
> are no patches for those.

Daniel, I started to make patches for digital tables, but I came across 
an issue that (unless I'm completely misreading the code) seems to need 
fixing in the existing code.  It seems that there are some copy/paste 
errors and a typo in the standard cable definition.  Unfortunately, I 
don't have a digital setup in place, yet, and don't have cable, so I 
can't test the existing code or the changes.

Therefore, before making the patches to go along with #2087, I want to 
verify I'm reading the code correctly and want to ensure I'll be able to 
make patches for #2087 that reflect only changes related to #2087.

It seems that in [10593] ( http://cvs.mythtv.org/trac/changeset/10593 ):
    - the "cable#" string (used as B in the FREQ define for creating the 
key for the map) isn't incremented properly, which will result in losing 
some of the tables due to identical keys
    - channels 2-6 are created in a single table, but channels 5 and 6 
aren't a continuation of the series created by 2-4--channel 5 is at 
79MHz instead of 75MHz
    - I couldn't see a reason for creating channels 23-69 in one table 
and 70-94 in another when 70-94 are a continuation of the series begun 
by 23-69 (not really an error, but it seemed "messy")
    - there's a typo in the "cablehigh0" definition--channel 78 should 
be at 549MHz, not 559MHz.  If that's not changed, the table created by 
the "cablehigh0" definition is missing channels 93 and 94 (and those 
that exist are at the wrong frequencies).

The attached patch shows the changes I made.  The patch doesn't fix 
frequencies of T-band channels or remove channel 1--I'll post patches 
for those changes to #2087 (for you to decide whether to apply).  Once I 
hear find out whether I'm reading the code correctly, I'll make patches 
for digital frequency tables for #2087.

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