[mythtv] thumbnail preview doesn't change with bookmark

Michael T. Dean mtdean at thirdcontact.com
Sun Jul 23 12:29:50 UTC 2006

On 07/23/2006 04:05 AM, Paul wrote:
> In the recorded program list , I have noticed that occasionally the
> picture thumbnail which normally shows start + offset if at the start of
> movie (if not watched) or at the current bookmark doesnt move from
> original,
> ie  I start watching and have the "automaticatic" bookmark when exit the
> thumbnail is of last position(bookmark) . which is a good feature.
> On frequent occasions it doesn't move from initally set thumbnail.
> is this a bug or a random feature that I have missed?
> I see no error msgs in frontend/backend log , do you need any debugging
> info to reproduce?

First, we need to ensure our terminology is agrees...

By, "picture thumbnail," I'm assuming you mean the "preview pixmap" 
(called "preview image" in the frontend settings).  By "doesn't move 
from initially set thumbnail," I'm assuming you mean the "live preview" 
that plays back the recording in the Watch Recordings page (before you 
select the recording for playback).

If so, I think you've noticed that when you go from the left column 
(titles) in the playback box to the right column (episodes), the live 
preview begins playing.  If you then return to the left column and then 
back to the right column, the live preview does not play, and instead 
you simply see the preview pixmap.  Is that correct?

I had assumed this was by design (although I've never looked at the code 
to verify).


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