[mythtv] pvr 250 produces grey static after apply changeset 10589

Janne Grunau janne-mythtv at grunau.be
Sat Jul 22 22:27:56 UTC 2006

On Saturday 22 July 2006 23:49, stanley kamithi wrote:
> After applying changeset 10589 my PVR-250 using the tuner0 interface
> produced grey static.
> I run gentoo/ kernel ver 2.6.16 / ivtv 0.6.3. I run svn head.

I can't reproduce it with kernel and ivtv 0.6.1. The new 
interface with ivtv trunk works too.

> I unapplied the changeset , reloaded ivtv module, restarted
> mythbackend  my picture was restored. I haven't found time yet to
> find out why it broke. maybe sometime next week,
>  i'll reapply the patch and find out what broke.

Please comment first the call of SetV4L2DeviceOptions() in 
mpegrecorder.cpp:336. But it's improbable that this is the cause.


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