[mythtv] Enabling EIT scanning only for selected channels?

Stephen Hocking stephen.hocking at gmail.com
Thu Jul 20 23:18:33 UTC 2006


I'm in the position where I have reliable guide sources for some
cvhannels, but not others. Here in Australia, the digital TV trials
have by various stations have the HD channels showing demo loops for
the most part, but occasionally will show a HD version of the show
that's current being broadcast on the SD feed. Enabling EIT scanning
allows this to be picked up, but it only looks ahead a short time,
making it difficult to set up recordings well ahead of time. There's
also then problem that the guide data's name for a program is often
subtly different to the EIT's scanned data, leading to the same
program being recorded simultaneously on both tuners, or being aborted
partway through when the EIT data overrides the external guide data..
I only have two tuners, and like to record two different shows at a
time fairly often, so this ends up being a problem. If I could go with
the guide data for  selected channels, and EIT for others, this could
solve some problems.


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