[mythtv] Ticket #1945: DVB-S/diseqc patch

Yeasah Pell yeasah at schwide.com
Thu Jul 20 12:44:55 UTC 2006

Zdzislaw Gorlicki wrote:

>For whatever reason, I am unable to switch to Port #2 of my diseqc
>My Setup:
>Genpix->Rotor->2 port diseqc->LNB's
>Any pointers?
A log with "-v channel" turned on would be helpful, that way you'll see 
all the diseqc stuff happening. A few things come to mind:

* It could be a configuration issue of some kind (if you don't see 
"switching to port 2/2" or something like that in the log, this is 
probably it)
* I've heard a report of a 2-port diseqc switch that is actually 
controlled as a 4-port with the two physical positions on ports other 
than 1 and 2. That might be worth trying.
* Alternatively, controlling it as a tone switch might work (though 
cards based on the dst frontend driver have broken toneburst control 
right now; I have a patch outstanding against the dst driver for that 
but it still needs people to test before being applied)

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