[mythtv] EITScanner caused playback issues

Daniel Kristjansson danielk at cuymedia.net
Wed Jul 19 20:41:16 UTC 2006

On Wed, 2006-07-19 at 16:22 -0400, Tom Lichti wrote:
> Daniel Kristjansson wrote:
> I just would have thought that the DB client would buffer the data, plus 
> it's on a switched Gigabit network, which is probably faster than local 
> disk. I have noticed my recordings have much less 'interference' (for 
> lack of a better term) since I moved the DB off to it's own machine.
The Gigabit probably helps with latency if you are watching HD content,
I actually just upgraded to a gigabit switch last week so I may verify
this soon. If you think about it though the DB client can't do too much
buffering because it needs to be able to report errors reliably. I
actually implemented a patch that buffered the keyframe data before the
0.19 release when we were having troubles handling 3 or more HDTV
recordings, but I abandoned that approach because it was too
complicated. The frontend relies on the data being there when the
backend says it is there, and ensuring that the backend reported
the data consistently was complicated. Plus it didn't help with other
problems, such as keyframe finding needing to be real-time. Now we
buffer the data before it is processed for keyframes or inserted into
the DB in both the DVB and HDTV recorders.

> You couldn't just leave my rose-coloured view alone... :)
Sorry :) Having the DB on a different hard drive than the recordings
definitely helps.

-- Daniel

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