[mythtv] Recovering recording meta data from 0.18 DB dump?

George Nassas gnassas at mac.com
Wed Jul 19 14:22:27 UTC 2006

On 19-Jul-06, at 3:20 AM, Fredrik Karlsson wrote:

> MythTV 0.19. So, all I have is meta data from the 0.18.1 release,
> which is different in data base structure compared to 0.19 ( or so
> ...
> a) which columns I should fill the data I have into. Specifically,  
> I need a
> ...
> b) What do I do with the empty columns? Do I have to fill it with  
> anything?

No manual tinkering is needed. Just restore your old DB and when the  
backend comes up it will automatically upgrade the tables to whatever  
version you're running. After that you can run contrib/ 
myth.rebuilddatabase.pl which will scan your recordings directory for  
files which aren't in your database and prompt you for info to  
restore them.

The only remaining problem is you will have entries in your watch  
recordings list for shows that were present at the time of the backup  
but were deleted later. You can find them by attempting to play each  
show and removing the ones that mention "file missing" or whatever.  
If you have tons of stale recordings it's possible to write some  
clever shell and sql to list them.

- George

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