[mythtv] Recovering recording meta data from 0.18 DB dump?

Fredrik Karlsson dargosch at gmail.com
Wed Jul 19 07:20:57 UTC 2006


I have found myself in the not so happy situation that my system disk
died and i cannot find the backup disk I made after my upgrade to
MythTV 0.19. So, all I have is meta data from the 0.18.1 release,
which is different in data base structure compared to 0.19 ( or so
MySQL tells me).

Does anyone know

a) which columns I should fill the data I have into. Specifically, I need a
"INSERT INTO recorded (this, part, is, what , I , need) VALUES (these,
are, the, ones, I , have, already);" line ;-)

b) What do I do with the empty columns? Do I have to fill it with anything?

Hope someone is able to help me. I miss my MythTV box! :-)


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