[mythtv] Bug report: MTD passes incorrect framerate info

Derek Meek thekazan at gmail.com
Tue Jul 18 14:02:31 UTC 2006

Anduin Withers wrote:

>>When transcoding from an NTSC source using the "Excellent" setting,
>>transcode is run with the following option:
>>-f 0,1
>>This causes transcode to both read and output an incorrect framerate.
>>The source material is 29.97 fps, but this option invariably causes
>>transcode to treat the video as though it were 23.976 fps.  This
>>causes the video to lag behind the audio stream, causing sync
>Include a failing DVD title in that ticket.
>I'm not willing to abandon -f. While your experience with transcode's
>auto-detection may be good that is not universal. (In fact, odds are
>transcode will make the identical mistake if you let it transcode directly
>from the DVD)
>Currently mtd uses only the cell time bits to determine the frame rate, what
>would normally be 29.97 is set to 23.976. Yes, this is broken, but broken so
>it will hit the fewest DVDs.
>You can adjust the frc passed to transcode by changing the dvdinput table.
>While an frc of 4 may work for this particular disc, it isn't a good general
intentionally breaking anything is bad practice - if auto detect in
transcode is bad then hop over to the transcode dev list and help them
fix it - don't intentionally pass bad information making it a double-bug

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