[mythtv] Bug report: MTD passes incorrect framerate info

Sage sage at gypsycaravan.com
Tue Jul 18 06:14:47 UTC 2006

I am running MythTV 0.19-fixed, revision 10578 from SVN.  I have found
the following bug in the Myth Transcoding Daemon:

When transcoding from an NTSC source using the "Excellent" setting,
transcode is run with the following option:

-f 0,1

This causes transcode to both read and output an incorrect framerate.
The source material is 29.97 fps, but this option invariably causes
transcode to treat the video as though it were 23.976 fps.  This
causes the video to lag behind the audio stream, causing sync

Ideally, transcode should not be given the -f option at all; transcode
does not normally have any problem detecting the correct framerate.

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