[mythtv] Ticket #2041: LiveTV tuning broken for IVTV tuner between [10390] and [10402]

Michael Andersen mythtv at miwers.dk
Tue Jul 11 16:03:16 UTC 2006

Mark Buechler wrote:
> I don't know if this has any baring on this problem but I noticed 
> after trying the mythtv-diseqc branch, and then went back again to 
> 10285, all my channels were ordered alphabetically instead of 
> numerically, as also represented in the sql statement "SELECT channum 
> FROM channel ORDER BY channum". This breaks channel up/down along with 
> direct keying of the channel number. I had thought that 
> channel.channum had changed from int to varchar which caused the new 
> ordering but after looking back at 10285 I see it was varchar there as 
> well. The only thing I can think which MAYBE (shooting at the hip 
> here) could have caused this was if channel.channum was at one point 
> int and changed to varchar but mysql didn't reorder the index until a 
> recent alter was introduced for the atsc stuff. My solution was to 
> change the column definition for channum back to int(10) which again 
> ordered the column numerically.
> - 

Yeah, I also had that odd channel sorting once I had run the latest svn
version, and then reverting back to older revisions in order to pinpoint
the location. (channel ordering 1,10,11 ... 19,2,20,21... etc) - and you
may be right about the int/varchar thing. I didn't check, but it sounds
logical to me.

Anway, to follow up on Daniels work, I can tell that with rev 10473 the
problem is fixed on my system. Channel up and down is working correctly
again.Channel number ordering is also correct when channel surfing
(up/down), also in EPG and channel browsing.

Thank you for your help Daniel.

PS. Harley Peters - I hope you don't feel, that I stole your thread - it
kinda look like I did, sorry.
I hope you got it solved too ;-)


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