[mythtv] A couple of questions about mythtv 0.19

Fred Squires fsquires at gmail.com
Tue Jul 11 15:13:40 UTC 2006

> 4. Why do I get duplicate recordings? I thought it was designed to record
> one
> showing of a program. Yet things like Dr Who, which is repeated, when set
> to
> record any time any channel gets EVERY repeated episode. Same for channels
> like ABC, Sky3 etc which may repeat the same thing 3 times in a single
> day. I
> get all 3 runs of it.

This could have to do with making the duplicate check dependent on both the
Subtitle and description and then one of those fields are missing and the
matching won't match empty fields.
This seems to happen a lot on Comedy Central, such as new episodes of the
Daily Show or South Park won't have a Subtitle and they'll have a generic
description so all the episodes will record because none will be marked as a
duplicate.  It's not until after the initial season run that South Park will
be given a Subtitle and description and the subsequent airings will be
marked properly as duplicates.

I get around this for the daily show by telling Myth to record the daily
show every night at 11.  I get every episode aired at 11 (even duplicates)
but that's ok, because I won't end up with extras throughout the day.

5. When deleting, sometimes the dialog that pops up says allow re-record,
> sometimes not... What is this dependent on?

This is the same as above,  if there's a copy of an episode with a title,
subtitle and description filled in it will ask you if you would like it to
allow re record because there's enough information there to stop a duplicate
recording from taking place.  If the show is simply titled "The Daily Show
With Jon Stewart" with no subtitle or description there's not enough
information to identify a duplicate so there's no reason to explicitly allow
duplicates to record because a duplicate can't be blocked the in first
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