[mythtv] [mythtv-commits] Ticket #1888: EIT failures with Finnish channels (DVB-T)

Otto Kolsi otto at kolsi.fi
Mon Jul 10 21:03:11 UTC 2006

Michael T. Dean wrote:
>> I haven't really paid attention to 'airdate' column. Now that I look my 
>> program data in DB, I can see a bit strange values. Query "select 
>> distinct(airdate) from program" gives me two values:
>> 0001-01-01
>> 2000-01-01
> Jumping into the middle of a thread I haven't read, so ignore me if this 
> info isn't helpful...
> What DBSchemaVer are you using?  The airdate column of program is 
> supposed to be a YEAR(4) with a default of 0000, and the comments in 
> dbcheck.cpp say:
> 'airdate' is a string representing the year of release for movies and 
> may have no meaning for other types of shows.
> In DBSchemaVer 1051, airdate was changed to a DATETIME NOT NULL but in 
> the oldprogram table, not the program table.
> Note that there's also an originalairdate column of type DATE with a 
> default value of NULL in the program table:
> 'originalairdate' if provided is the date when a show was, or will be, 
> first televised.

Thanks for the explanations, I'm using schema version 1151. I'm using 
DbVisualizer tool in Windows when working with the DB and this tool 
fooled me. It shows those values above. When executing query from 
commandline, results are:

mysql> select distinct(airdate) from program;
| airdate |
|    0000 |
|    2000 |

So no mysteries here. Well.. actually I still wonder why most of the DB 
entries have '2000' as a airdate. I have 2031 programs currently with 
'2000' airdate and only 360 programs with '0000'. I still wonder if this 
is bug in myth EIT handling..

Mythweb shows this '2000' as a original airdate (because originalairdate 
is null for all entries), it would be nice to get rid of it since it 
doesn't seem to have correct meaning in my case.

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