[mythtv] EIT sparadically broken in trunk

Torbjörn Jansson torbjorn.jansson at mbox200.swipnet.se
Sun Jul 9 17:29:46 UTC 2006

mythtv-dev-bounces at mythtv.org <> wrote:
> On Sunday 09 July 2006 18:19, Torbjörn Jansson wrote:
>> I don't know if it's valid to have dupe channums on the same card, if
>> it is then select query in EITScanner::StartActiveScan needs to be
>> changed (or possibly something else).
> In the current design it's not valid to have duplicate
> channums on one
> source or multiple sources bound to one card (dvb-s). The channel is
> switched in TVRec based on the channum. It would be saner to use the
> chanid but I can't think of valid cases to have more than one channel
> per source on one channum. 

Guess i'll have to renumber/delete channels :)
And you are right, it would be very unlikely for a card/provider to send
multiple copies of the same channel.

>> If it's not valid, then something is broken somewere, probably in the
>> channel scanner causing it to assign already used channums to newly
>> scanned channels.
> Yes, the channel scanner uses the service id as channum.
> Given the above
> problem we should check for duplicates.

That explains it.
My cable provider changed channels around a while back and when i scanned
for the new channels i got dupes, i manualy deleted the dupes of the
channels i used but didn't care about the hidden ones.

It would also be nice now that the problem exists to have the mythtv-setup
do a quick check for dupe channums on the same card and warn you about it.

>> EITScanner::StartActiveScan does it's thing and outputs:
>> 2006-07-09 16:23:35.512 EITScanner: StartActiveScan called with 17
>> multiplexes 
>> Note that there is 19 rows in dtv_multiplex so 2 mux:es is missing.
> No, it scans only multiplexes with at least one channel with activated
> useeit.

True, i just noticed that.
The 2 muxes don't have any channels on it, possibly related to the scanner
trying to use to many pids at the same time.
mythtv-setup causes the drivers to output lots of errors when it scans some

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