[mythtv] [mythtv-commits] Ticket #2038: Currently recorded program does not get color-coded to red

Otto Kolsi otto at kolsi.fi
Sun Jul 9 13:15:51 UTC 2006

Michael T. Dean wrote:
> On 07/09/2006 09:02 AM, MythTV wrote:
>> #2038: Currently recorded program does not get color-coded to red
>>  With SVN HEAD and one DVB-T capture card:
>>  If there's scheduled recording to be started and LiveTV is on, myth 
>> shows
>>  dialog asking what to do. If "Record and watch it while recording" is
>>  selected, myth changes channel and starts to record scheduled program as
>>  it should.
>>  However, in "Watch Recordings" and "Delete Recordings" screens this
>>  currently on-going recording is not color coded to red. In "Upcoming
>>  Recordings" it is. This is some sort of special case, normally scheduled
>>  recordings are always correctly coloured if recording is on-going.
> Coloring is a theme setting.  What theme?

I'm using MythCenter. I do not change themes and MythCenter shows 
perfectly the "normal" recording situations.

There is following entry in backend logs:
TVRec(1): Pseudo LiveTV recording starting.

Could this be the reason, this Pseudo LiveTV thing get's handled somehow 

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