[mythtv] [mythtv-commits] Ticket #1888: EIT failures with Finnish channels (DVB-T)

Otto Kolsi otto at kolsi.fi
Sat Jul 8 11:45:47 UTC 2006

> #1888: EIT failures with Finnish channels (DVB-T)
> Comment (by Janne <janne-mythtv at grunau.be>):
>  The attached stream gives just one "out of sync error" and is otherwise
>  perfectly valid as EIT packet are involved.

I could try to capture more streams or run some other tools if someone 
would tell me what to do :)

>  I think the "Error: We started a PES packet, without a payloadStart!"
>  errors and the bogus data are not related. Probably all DVB user see this
>  bogus data but I don't see many pes related error messages, maybe one in
>  24 hours.

I definitely see LOT of these error messages and I think someone else 
also mentioned the same situtation. I have only one capture card 
currently, three multiplexes and 13 channels and e.g. today logs from 
04:00 - 14:00 contain >565000 lines of these PES packet errors..

When this situation occurs, these error messages are printed 200 - 250 
times / second to logs during 5-10 minute period. And these periods can 
occur 1-3 times / hour (just quick approximations).

Even though I don't know the stuff, it seems that myth goes somehow out 
of sync with the data and stays that way far too long. We should be able 
to break out from this.

If this PES packet situation is not related to the bogus EIT data, then 
I think we have two separate problems to be fixed.

And for the record, there was no bogus data or these PES errors before 
the EIT merge some time ago.

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