[mythtv] Avoiding conflicts with LiveTV/Scheduling questions

Michael T. Dean mtdean at thirdcontact.com
Fri Jul 7 15:18:24 UTC 2006

On 07/06/2006 09:39 PM, Nick wrote:
> 1) Could someone quickly explain the algorithm (or point me to the
> source file) for selecting a card (and the next card etc) for LiveTV
> when 'Avoid conflicts with LiveTV' is selected please?
> On my master backend installation I have 3 DVB-T and 1 PVR-150 cards,
> ranked 6,5,4,2 in terms of priority respectively (no cards have equal
> priority). My slave machine has a further DVB-T card and PVR-350 card,
> with priorities 3 and 1. This hopefully means the 4 DVB-T cards are
> chosen first in the likelihood of conflict resolution, and the PVR
> cards second, with MBE cards taking priority over SBE cards.
> When selecting LiveTV mode on the slave machine, it brings up the
> PVR-350 with priority 1 (the lowest priority card) which I would
> expect. Changing tuner then cycles through the cards from highest
> priority (even if there are recordings on that card coming up in an
> hour or so) to lowest priority. I would ideally like the next card
> chosen to be the DVB-T card on the slave machine - not just because of
> the increased picture quality, but because it is the next lowest
> priority card available (less chance of a clash) and importantly is
> local to the frontend watching LiveTV.
> Similarly with the main backend, I would like the third DVB card
> chosen after card 4 (the PVR-150) for the same reasons - less
> likelihood of interrupted LiveTV viewing.
> I have observed in the cardinput table a new 'recpriority' column
> which I have configured in the same order as 'preference' - can this
> be configured differently to get the desired behaviour?

Bruce Markey explains it best:


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