[mythtv] Database upgrade fails

Bernhard Czech bczech at web.de
Tue Jul 4 10:27:31 UTC 2006


after updating to a new revision yesterday,  the startup of mythbackend fails. 
My MySQL Version is 4.0.24.

Am I supposed to change my MySQL to the latest version? Or do we keep 
backwards compatibility?

Below a snipped from my backend log:

2006-07-04 11:48:41.381 Using runtime prefix = /usr/local
2006-07-04 11:48:41.409 New DB connection, total: 1
2006-07-04 11:48:41.412 Connected to database 'mythconverg' at host: localhost
2006-07-04 11:48:41.418 Current Schema Version: 1148
2006-07-04 11:48:41.421 Newest Schema Version : 1149
2006-07-04 11:48:41.440 New DB connection, total: 2
2006-07-04 11:48:41.442 Connected to database 'mythconverg' at host: localhost
2006-07-04 11:48:41.445 Setting Lock for Database Schema upgrade. If you see a 
long pause here it means the Schema is already locked and is being upgraded 
by another Myth process.
2006-07-04 11:48:41.447 New DB connection, total: 3
2006-07-04 11:48:41.450 Connected to database 'mythconverg' at host: localhost
2006-07-04 11:48:41.457 Upgrading to schema version 1149
2006-07-04 11:48:41.459 DB Error (Performing database upgrade):
Query was: INSERT INTO recordingprofiles SET name = 'Default', profilegroup = 
(select id from profilegroups where cardtype='FREEBOX');
Error was: Driver error was [2/1064]:
QMYSQL3: Unable to execute query
Database error was:
Fehler in der Syntax bei 'select id from profilegroups where 
cardtype='FREEBOX')' in Zeile 1.

new version: 1149
2006-07-04 11:48:41.460 Database Schema upgrade FAILED, unlocking.
2006-07-04 11:48:41.462 Couldn't upgrade database to new schema

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