[mythtv] [mythtv-commits] Ticket #1945: DVB-S/diseqc patch

Yeasah Pell yeasah at schwide.com
Mon Jul 3 02:04:38 UTC 2006

Daniel Kristjansson wrote:

>I made the change just before I got your e-mail. Editing should be
>working again. I can't test whether the DiSEqC stuff works here, so
>you'll have to do that.
Ok, I'll test the changes out soon and let you know. Sorry -- I was 
under the impression that you were basically too busy to spend any more 
time actively working on this change -- if I had known that you weren't 
just going into "fix the problems, submit the patches, and I'll apply 
them" mode, I wouldn't have felt like I had a bunch of opaque stuff 
dropped on me and then abandoned. My misunderstanding, sorry about that.

>I'll ask more questions in the future. I'm not asking for design documents
>or anything like that. This is supposed to be fun. :)
Indeed! Thanks for the reminder. :-)

>The channel class probably needs to handle it (or possibly TVRec).
>Consider, there is an hour long program starting at 17:30 on one channel
>and another hour long program starting at 18:00 on another channel on
>that same multiplex, then the signal monitor will be long gone when the
>second program starts up. But, if both start at 17:30 then neither channel
>class will be fully tuned, so one will need to become a master channel
>class which the slave channel class[es] will wait on, then when it is
>tuned they can query it for any information they need to complete tuning.
>To provide the slave channel classes with rotor info and other signal
>monitoring info, I guess the master channel class can tell the signal
>monitor and TVRec that they need to also broadcast that info to the
>slave TV class[es].
Actually, you know that reminds me of something I've been wondering 
about -- why does the signal monitor shut down? From a user perspective, 
I find it sometimes confounding that I can't press a button at an 
arbitrary time while watching live TV and get the current frontend info, 
particularly bit error rate and SNR. Leaving the table monitors on 
definitely doesn't make any sense of course, so I understand why that 
part of the signal monitor would be turned off, but information about 
the quality of the link could be valuable at any time, no?

Also, the cards that lack FE_CAN_RECOVER need retuning at any time if 
lock is lost for whatever reason (i.e. temporary loss of signal) -- I 
added the retuning stuff for cards like that to the signal monitor, but 
that obviously can't help if the signal monitor is shut down. Maybe the 
signal monitor wasn't the best place to put that, or else maybe it would 
actually make some sense to have the signal part of the signal monitor 
continue operation for the duration of a recording (presumably at a 
reduced update interval, etc.), at least for DVB?

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