[mythtv] Latest SVN builds and gcc 4.1

Martin Møller martin at martinm-76.dk
Sat Jul 1 18:01:43 UTC 2006


After I checked out the latest SVN (I am currently running 10224) I could not 
compile it, got some assembler error with gcc 4.1 that's standard in SUSE 
Linux 10.1.

I looked around a bit and it seems like the issue is in the ivtv code 
somewhere because it compiles ok if I say './configure --disable-ivtv 
--disable-dvb' (I believe dvb was never active, but just in case).

My compilations all seems to fail in mythsocket.cpp, until I did the above.

As I don't have any ivtv cards and no active dvb cards I suppose I can get 
going like this, but I thought I'd post here to let you know and hear if 
anyone else have experienced something like this recently?

I have tried to trace it, but haven't had that much luck as of yet.

I can mail the output I get when I just to a plain configure if there's any 
interest in this.


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