[mythtv] Frontend Crash, Backend hangs in LiveTV... again...

Jochen Kühner jochen.kuehner at gmx.de
Sat Jul 1 08:24:31 UTC 2006

It happend again on my system, started the frontend, wached live tv, 
crash, backend still thinks i'm watching live tv and so i can't watch , 
without restarting the backend...

Is there no way how we cab realize if a frontend is still there or 
not...?? When a frontend is playing, is there a communication during the 
playing from the frontend to the backend, or not?

I think the best way were, if a frontend or a recording asks for a 
tuner, the backenbd should check if all at the moment tv looking 
frontends are still there.

If one is not there, the tuner is free.
if the ask for a frontend comes from the same frontend which the backend 
thinks is still watching, the backend should return the current livetv 
buffer to the frontend.

anyone other ideas, or who this all could be realized???

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