[mythtv] [mythtv-commits] Ticket #1153: Live TV : "Error was encounter ed while displaying video."

John Pullan john.pullan at gmail.com
Tue Jan 31 19:25:56 UTC 2006

On 31/01/06, Buechler, Mark R <Mark_R_Buechler at bausch.com> wrote:
> I would be interested to know what people are using for
> dvb_wait_for_seqstart. I believe this defaults to 1 when it probably
> should
> default to 0. dvbrecorder throws away all packets (even ones with payload
> start) until seqstart is seen. The ringbuffer wants a certain number of
> bytes (I can't remember how many) before it starts reading and it only
> tries
> 4 times to read the file. After the forth time data will never be sent to
> the frontend until the channel is changed.
> I've gone through this problem and have increased that retry 20 and even
> 30
> - but this causes many more headaches. I found that by not waiting for
> seqstart I get a payload start immediately and the ringbuffer can
> immediately start reading. However, I think a better solution would be for
> dummydtvrecorder to run until a payload start is seen - which would fix
> issues with bad channels, encrypted channels, etc.
> - Mark.
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> #1153: Live TV : "Error was encountered while displaying video."
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> Comment (by danielk):
> John & Bob, please post your logs; the problem Ben is experiencing is due
> to the DVB recording taking too long to start up, I'd like to know if you
> are experiencing something similar, or if the recording doesn't start at
> all. Please also post the output of 'date ; ls -l
> /name/of/last/video/file.mpg" once the frontend gives you the error
> message, so I can estimate if and when the recording actually started.
> Ben can you post the logs from when a high retry counts don't help?

Tried changing the value and it didn't make any difference. :/

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