[mythtv] Duplicate check error, not yet broadcasted shows marked as already recorded

Rickard Borgmäster doktorn at sub.nu
Tue Jan 31 09:33:48 UTC 2006

Oscar Carlsson wrote:
> mån 2006-01-30 klockan 21:33 +0100 skrev Rickard Borgmäster:
> http://doktorn.sub.nu/blandat/upcoming.png
> http://doktorn.sub.nu/blandat/schedule.png
> http://doktorn.sub.nu/blandat/showings.png
>> ...that neither subtitle nor description is identical between the 
>> showings. Thus, there must be something else triggering a "false 
>> positive" here.
>> I just upgraded to latest SVN. Until now, I've been running some SVN 
>> synced just the last days of 2005. Is this a bug in the scheduler 
>> somewhere or is it maybe faulty EPG data?
> Nothing is wrong with the EPG data, but maybe you need to run
> mythfilldatabase to make sure it's up to date?

Done three times yesterday. Last time 07.30AM today and that doesn't
change anything

> These shows have unique season/episode info, thus overriding
> subtitle/description.

You're right, I didn't notice that before. So how come that myth can't
distinguish between new episodes? I think this happens to "Malmvägen" om
Kanal5 as well when I have set it to "any". Setting it to "find weekly"
works fine, but isn't really a good option. Myth might catch a re-run
then.. I just tried to set it to "any" again to see if it still behaves
like this. It doesn't, it it even worse now. I can see a "recording
schedule" but no "upcoming recording". Looking at the "backend logs" I
cannot see a message like  "Scheduled xx items in..." either.

Something is really wrong here.

> Since you said you just updated SVN, I assume you also updated MythWeb
> so that there are no conflicts? Is it the same in mythfrontend?

But of course :-) Same problem remains in TV frontend.

Best regards
Rickard Borgmäster

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